The Justice Coalition was formed in the spring of 2013 as a community action group whose objective was to educate others about the reality of human trafficking in our community. Early on it was very encouraging to see how many people had an active interest in being involved in the work. But over time we were faced with the stark reality that given the rather “dark” nature of this issue and the slow pace of “wins” from our work, fewer and fewer people found their hearts able to remain vested. To be sure, there was a continuing interest in keeping informed, just not the ability to regularly carry on with the work. And all of that is certainly understandable.

And yet, the atrocity and horror of human sex trafficking is still occurring in our community. One only needs to check out the escort section of Sandusky’s BackPage site to verify this to be true. So in an effort to keep our community informed and news as it relates to Ohio continuously updated, we have rebranded The Justice Coalition as the North Central Ohio Justice Coalition, providing thse interested with a readily accessible social media presence: this weekly blog on WordPress as well as our FaceBook page, NCO Justice Coalition.